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Motor System MD 11

Implantology Device

A motor system that perfectly supports you in every oral implantology procedure.
Sophisticated motor for smooth, controlled and precise power output in any speed range.

Motor System MD 11

Technical Description

A clearly arranged and sophisticated control unit to connect an implantology handpiece with speed and torque control.

•    4 programs for drilling, cutting threads, screwing in the implant and placing the cover screw.
•    Motor speed range of 300 - 40‘000 rpm. 
•    Integrated pump system for cooling the instrument to prevent tissue damage. 
•    70 Ncm of maximum torque with the 20:1 contra angle and graphical, real time torque control
•    Sturdy, high quality design and finishing 
•    Handpiece 1:1 and contra angles 16:1, 20:1, 20:1 LED, 32:1 are available

Motor system MD 11

The Motor system MD 11 comes with three special features:
Large LCD display to show all set parameters at a glace
Controlled thread cutting function
Torque modes - AL - automatic limited torque / AS - automatic stop torque

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