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TCM 3000 BL

a small, convenient motorized control unit designed to support handpieces for closed rhinoplasty to achieve aesthetic nasal correction.


Technical Description

The rhinoplasty system consists of a motor control unit and rotating as well as oscillating handpieces with corresponding drills, saw blades and rasps.

  • Four predefined functions for drilling and milling, dermatology, sawing and tattooing
  • Small and convenient motorized control unit
  • Power device offer 6 Ncm torque
  • Rotation speed for drilling 40’000rpm
  • Oscillation velocity for sawing and rasping 14’000rpm
  • Various burrs, saws and rasps 

Power assisted Rhinoplasty

Top three feature:

Small and practical, easy to use and to maintain

Easy to exchange burrs, saws and rasps

Ergonomic handpiece for precise operation

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