Dispenser DP30

Tumescence pump, Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus

The Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus is a specifically for liposuction designed tumescence infiltration pump, delivering high volume of tumescence liquid with an optimal pressure.


The new Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus delivers 60 % more tumescence liquid per hour. The delivery of up to 27 liter per hour speeds up the anesthetic procedure for liposuction and significantly reduces the costs per patient.

Good price/performance ratio

Easy handling with low mainte- nance effort

Continuously variable and precise adjustable infiltration performance

Delivery of tumescence liquid of up to 27 liters per hour

Available with Vario pedal or on/off pedal

Easy cleaning of the device due to smooth-edged design

Technical Data, Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus

TypeDispenser DP 30 LipoPlus
Mains voltage 100/115/230 Volt at 50-60 Hz
Max. output power 40 VA
Coolant flow rate 1-27 l/h (450 ml/min)
Pressure 2.0 bar
Width/depth/height 260/250/110 mm
Weight, control unit 2.5 kg

Nikola Koricanska

Area Sales Manager

EU, America's and Pacific


Leszek Kazana

Area Sales Manager

Commonwealth of Independent States


Mladen Podgorac

Area Sales Manager

Northern Europe, Balkans, Africa and Middle east