Vacuson 60 LP


State of the art system all in one


Infiltration pump

The infiltration pump with its well accessible tube set compartment, on the right side of the control unit, can be accessed by a practical closure mechanism. The fixation of the tube set is done by lateral clamping levers. The peristaltic pump can be easily fitted with a replacement tubing set.



Dual-piston pump, max. vacuum up to -0.9 bar/686 mmHG

The high performance of the Vacuson 60 LP vacuum pump of 60 liters per minute is achieved by a dual-piston pump, which is oper- ated without any lubricant due to PTFE-graphite piston rings. The uniform, pulse-free type of suction of this vacuum pump is an impor- tant criterion for gentle treatment in liposuction.


Conform Cannula handpiece

Besides the suction of fat cells the Conform Cannula handpiece is also responsible for the scattering of the tissue by cannula strokes of 3600 strokes per minute, hence the extraction can be carried out more effectively. To loosen the tissue and release the fat cells, a stroke travel of 2 mm is sufficient.


Vario pedal

After adjusting the maximum vacuum at the control unit, the device is basically regulated by the pedal. The blue foot switch on the left side of the pedal starts the pump. The yellow one, on the right side, sets the cannula stroke in motion. With the pedal the infiltration performance is regulated up to the level of the adjustment. With the practical carrier bar the pedal can be easily relocated by foot.

Diving into the details

Reliability and simple handling are the core characteristics of this high quality Liposuction System. Famous through- out the world for its outstanding performance it’s used by top masters in the field of liposuction.


TypeVacuson 60 LP
Input Voltage 115/230 Volg at 50-60 Hz
Suction performance Up to 60 l/min
Maximum vacuum: -0.9 bar / 686 mm HG
Flow rate infiltration pump 2 to 22 l/h
Maximum pressure 2.5 bar
Conform cannula stroke 2.0 mm
Conform cannula frequency 3600 strokes/min.
Conform cannula motor Electronic motor, autoclavable

Advantages for the surgeon:

  • Point accurate work/optimal fat suction
  • Power-saving and gentle treatment
  • Shorter operating times
  • Optimized time/cost calculation
  • Best possible, gentle patient treatment
  • Handpiece is compatible with all common cannulas

Advantages for the patient:

  • Optimal cosmetic results
  • Gentle treatment
  • No thermal stress on the tissue
  • Fast recovery after the operation

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