Vacuson 60

Suction Pump Vacuson 60

The motor of the Vacuson 60 suction pump drives two pistons to generate vacuum. That’s how the high suction performance of 60 liters per minute is achieved.

A double piston motor for generating vacuum predesti- nates the Vacuson 60 vacuum pump for extended applications, compared to the Vacuson 40. It does its job in a sturdy, quiet and reliable way that lets you keep your eyes on the patient. By fine tuning of the vacuum you can also work in more sophisticated areas where it’s important to keep the vacuum on an ad- justed magnitude. Nouvag’s wide range of extensions and accessories completes this system to a level that doesn’t leave much space for further wishes.

Economic due to excellent price/performance ratio

Precise and continuously adjustable suction performance

Solid, reliable and approved technology

Low noise and vibrations

Automatic overflow safety. Changeover valve

Oil free piston pump

Oil free double piston pump

Widest range of applications

Higher flow rate

Technical Data Vacuson 60

Input Voltage (switchable) 115/230 Volt at 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 250 Watt
Suction performance up to 60 l/min
Max. vacuum -0.9 bar / 686 mm HG
Dimensions (W x D x H) 360 x 290 x 280 mm
Weight control unit 12 kg

Nikola Koricanska

Area Sales Manager

EU, America and Pacific


Leszek Kazana

Area Sales Manager

Commonwealth of Independent States


Jürgen Heni

Area Sales Manager

Asia, France and Switzerland


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Area Sales Manager

Northern Europe, Balkans, Africa and Middle East