Power Tool
HighSurg 11


Advantages / Reason Why

ergonomic housing, light and compact, easy to clean

clearly arranged display with all information at a glance

fine tuned sophisticated motor management for best precision and comfort

3 programs for simple and easy manipulation

integrated peristaltic pump for irrigation to avoid tissue damages

high performance with up to 50’000 rpm and powerful torque

best price / performance ratio

strong and fast oscillating Shaver mode up to 5’000 rpm

The reliable alternative for the ear, nose and throat surgery.

As part of the new generation of Nouvag’s Surgical Motor Systems the HighSurg 11 was developed especially for ENT Surgery. One for all was the idea behind the development of this drill system, particularly regarding the use in ENT-Surgery. Both the material and the console should be capable of mastering a range of challenges at any given time, whether there be a mastoidectomy with the usual otology handpieces, or the use of a micro-debrider / Shaver in Sinus Surgery.

Mains voltage: 100/115/230 Volt at 50 – 60 Hz
Max. output power/motor torque: 120 W/6 Ncm
Motor speed range: 300 – 50,000 rpm
Max. oscillation speed for shaver: 5000 rpm
Attachment instruments: ISO 3964 connector (DIN 13940)
Motor cable length: 3 m
Coolant flow rate: 1 – 100 ml/min
Width/depth/height: 260/250/110 mm
Weight control unit: 3.3 kg
Foot control: Vario foot pedal



Program 1:
Handpiece with ration 1:1


Program 2:
Oscillating Shaver mode


Program 3:
Continues Shaver mode

Shaver Hand-piece “Hybrid”

Made out of high-quality medical stainless steel and PEEK – 15% lighter. Integrated suction connection channel – straight trough. Quick coupling connection for NOUVAG Shaver Blades. Position of the cutting window can be easily altered by adjusting the setting wheel, even whilst in use.


Full Radius Resector

straight, angled 15°, angled 40°, angled 60°

Hooded Burr

Straight 5.5mm


Tri-Spike Cutter

straight, angled 15°, angled 40°, angled 60°


Aggressive Full Radius

straight, angled 15°, angled 40°, angled 60°

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